The Mowat Boat – So what is a curator Anyway

Black Angus 059

After thousands of volunteer hours by the Marine Museums restoration boat building crew, the “Mowat” boat sets sail in Kingston Harbour. She is named after her last owner, the late Angus Mowat (father of Farley) who rescued the boat and then re-rigged her as a sloop. The restoration was preceded by extensive research. Her symmetrical lines are just visible.

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2 Responses to Black Angus 059

  1. No. says:

    It was given to the Marine Museum in pristine condition by Andy Thomson. They let it rot for a number of years and now claim restoration. It was owned by Angus’s nephew Andy Thomson after Angus’s death and Farley Mowat had little to do with it, in any way. Yet— he was invited to the opening day to show the “Marine’s Restortion”. Talk about revisionist history

    • Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Just after the boat arrived from Cobourg we did a condition report and that was followed by a detailed taking off of the lines and research into the boats design origins. The restoration work certainly took longer to start then we wanted but in the end we had a very strong team who had just finished up with the restoration of the steam yacht Phoebe. They did a good job. The boat is now stored inside and is well protected.

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